Hallway of Compliments

Hannah Rubin, Staff Writer

During these challenging and uncertain times, it is so important to remember to smile and to remind others how much they are appreciated. The leadership students wanted to help the students and staff members of Mepham with that, so they came up with an idea to fill the hallway by the main office with compliments.
The leadership students used Post-It notes to write down the names of each student in the building. They then distributed the Post-Its to every social studies class, and the teacher handed one out to each student. The student then had the opportunity to write a compliment about the person that was on their Post-It. The notes were then collected, and brought back to the leadership classes. The notes filled with compliments were then placed onto posters, and hung in the main hallway. The messages that fill the hallway are a reminder that even if we may not realize it, there are people who have such kind words to say about us. It also shows us that others notice the ways we contribute to our classes, school, and community.
Additionally, the leadership students wrote messages to the staff members of Mepham to thank them for all of their hard work and dedication despite the challenges that the pandemic has brought. The students wanted the teachers to know that we know how hard they are working, and that we appreciate all that they are doing to make this year successful. They also wanted to show our gratitude to Mepham’s administration, Wellness department, security guards, custodians, cafeteria staff, nurses, secretaries, and everybody else that is working to keep Mepham safe.
Seeing the names of every student and staff member of Mepham lining the hallway was a remarkable sight that hopefully showed everyone that we are going through this chaotic time together, and that there are plenty of people in the building who are there if we need anything. The leadership students hope that these notes brought smiles to faces, and brightened up some days.