“Pieces of a Woman” Movie Review

Kaili Hesse, Staff Writer

“Pieces of a Woman” is a 2020 film based on a true story. The story takes place in Boston where Martha and Sean experience a tragic loss of their newborn baby following their difficult homebirth.

The opening scene shows what the homebirth was like for the couple. Unfortunately, things did not go to plan for Martha and Sean, and they lost their baby. The grieving process was difficult for the couple and they ended up splitting up. Sean turns into an alcoholic again and Martha tries to move on while keeping her grief repressed inside. Relationships and trusts are broken and the midwife faces trial. Throughout the movie, Martha and Sean try to move on through life while still in grief. 

The film is approximately two hours long and starts off with the devastating homebirth of Martha’s and Sean’s baby. After the tragedy, the couple drift away from each other and their marriage is on the verge of falling apart. Sean turns violent, while Martha keeps her feelings inside. The midwife is also standing trial for manslaughter. Martha’s grief is affecting her relationships with others and she is having a hard time trusting people again while Sean struggles with his sobriety and becomes an alcoholic again. The couple struggles to keep their relationship strong and eventually split up. The movie flashforwards to Martha’s life in the future and ends with Martha calling her daughter in for dinner.

“Pieces of a Woman” can relate to others that experienced the same tragedy of losing a child. The beginning of the movie was filled with action but the rest of the movie was a bit dull and not as action packed. If something more interesting happened after the loss of the couple’s baby, then the movie would seem more appealing