AP Exams 2021

Amanda Grossman, Sports Editor

For thousands of students across the country, AP exams are quickly approaching. But for many people, this will be their first normal AP tests. 2020 saw shortened exams which only included a writing component, either an essay or free response question. So, how will this year’s exams be different?


There are many differences with this year’s tests. One thing is that there are different blocks of time in which the tests can be administered. The first administration is for in person exams, with the other two are for both in person and online exams. Students here at Mepham were allowed to pick whether to either take the online version or the physical exam in person. Many teachers recommend taking the physical version because on the online exam, once you leave a page, you are unable to return. This means if you skip a question and want to come back to it later, which is what students are advised to do, you will lose the ability to answer that question. You are also unable to switch between questions you have already answered, which is a disadvantage to students taking the online exam, since in person students can use other questions to answer ones they are stuck on. If you are taking the exam in person, it will look the same as every other year, except for the barriers on desks, social distancing, and masks. 


While AP exams are a stressful time for many students, this year especially has brought about a lot of challenges. With all the changes, we must remember what remained the same–the test. Students should study and prepare as usual, and all will be fine. 


Good luck to everyone on the AP exams!