What’s Happening in India

Kaili Hesse, Staff Writer

India is facing the worst outbreak of Covid-19 since the pandemic started. Infections started in early March and grew rapidly. At the end of the month, the number of daily cases multiplied six times higher than at the start of the month; this rise has continued into May. For example, on March 1, there were 12,286 cases, and on May 22, there were 240,842 new cases. The second wave hit much harder and people were unprepared. New Delhi was one of the parts of India that was hit badly by the second wave. New Delhi was placed under lockdown on April 19; it has been extended several times. Hospitals across Delhi are facing oxygen shortages and because of this, many people have died. 


Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, and Kerala are just a few of the states and territories that have imposed local lockdown measures.  When Prime Minister Narendra Modi enacted a nationwide lockdown, migrants started fleeing from cities to their home villages in order to avoid the pain and trauma they went through a year ago. The Indian government asked the states to focus on stringent containment and public health measures, including testing, tracing and inoculations. Narendra Modi also recommended people to get vaccinated during a four-day “Tika Utsav” (special vaccination drive). On May 10, the World Health Organization classified it as a variant of concern and said that it shows a possibility of increased transmissibility. However, the WHO and the NCDC said that further research is needed, since there is not enough data to determine whether the variant is causing the rise in cases. 


Playgrounds and parking lots have turned into mass cremation grounds in the capital of New Delhi. As of May 19, there have been: 25.5 million cases, 22 million recoveries, and 283 thousand deaths. There are multiple websites that people can use to donate money to help with the shortage of medical supplies such as oxygen and vaccines. The vaccine is available in India and people are encouraged to get it; 41.6 million people have been vaccinated so far in India.