What to think about Chromebook’s

Kiara Hesse , Staff Writer

With all the grades having received their chromebooks, students are now able to easily access their schoolwork on their own device. A chromebook is better to use during school instead of a phone because it can be harder to see everything on a smaller screen. It is a great resource that the school has distributed chromebooks to all students because not everyone is able to afford technological devices, therefore making it harder for some students to access their classwork. 


Even though chromebooks are a great tool to have, it can be a hassle to carry around. Some classes make use of the chromebooks while other classes are still using paper. It can be a lot having to carry around all these books, folders, and binders as well as a chromebook, making students’ backpacks even heavier. I thought that classes would be using them more often as a replacement for packets and worksheets, but it still feels like some classes are using the same amount of paper as before. I believe it would be more beneficial to have a chromebook if they are used more often because it can just be hard to carry around if you aren’t going to use it. 


There might be a couple downsides to owning a chromebook, but I think they are an overall good device to have. They make it much easier to take notes rather than having to write so many notes down. Some students may prefer to write work down on paper, but it can also be helpful to type on a chromebook instead. Chromebooks are efficient because now students can work on their school work from anywhere within the building, instead of having to always go to the library to use a computer. Chromebooks do need to be charged often so they don’t run out of battery, so they are better for saving battery on your phone. 


Senior Courtney Blom said, “I think that chromebooks are a great asset for students to have. They provide students with an easier way to access schoolwork during the day, and are definitely a great addition to the school.” 


The distribution of chromebooks has left many people having differing opinions about it, but there are many great uses for them. It is a new environment for all students to have a chromebook, so it’s normal that not everyone is adjusted to them yet.