Most Stressful Time of the Year

Amanda Grossman, Opinion Editor

With May 1 quickly approaching, many seniors have started to commit to colleges. Seniors are officially committed once a deposit is paid to the school. Choosing a school after months of waiting for decisions is really hard. After all, this is the first time any of us have chosen what school we will go to. And there are other factors that go into the decision: financial aid, distance from home, program, etc. With all that in mind, how do the seniors feel about having to make this life changing decision? 


Senior Nicholas Salas said, “I now know that I want to commit to the University of Florida, but I am still nervous to actually do it. I don’t know why because I know that I want to, but it is just stressful thinking about how much my life is going to change.” Nick is not alone in feeling this way. 


For me personally, I felt the same way once I knew I wanted to go to the University of Florida, but I was still scared to commit because of how big of a change it is. After all, I will be spending the next four years a thousand miles away from my family.  But now that I have committed, I am so excited to see what the future holds. While I am still sad to leave Mepham, I feel like I can truly enjoy these last few months and not stress about where I am going. Senior Janaye Loforte also said, “I am committed to SUNY Brockport. I am nervous because it’s pretty far from home, and I’m hoping I made the right decision. Otherwise, I am excited to experience a new environment and meet new people.” 


As you can see, many seniors feel the same way about committing to college. It is a stressful time making a huge life decision. As we approach May 1, many more seniors will be committing. Good luck to all the seniors with their decisions.