Why Don’t We Use The Courtyard?

Courtney Blom, Staff Writer

Photo by: Matthew Plotnick.

The courtyard at Mepham is a place in the center of the school that contains benches, a greenhouse, and the benefits of the great outdoors. However, students don’t often use the courtyard as a place to relax or have lunch.

I think that the courtyard should be a more inviting place to students. I believe that one way we can do this is by the school allowing for students to eat their lunch out there. The cafeteria can become a little stuffy and noisy with so many people in there eating lunch, and allowing students to eat lunch outside would be a great option. That way they can take a little break from school and be able to go outside without leaving the school premises. I think that if this option was installed, students would see the courtyard as a more welcoming place to hang out.

A freshman student at Mepham High School, Chloe Henderson said, “I think that students being able to have lunch outside in the courtyard is a good idea because it allows students to escape the school environment without actually leaving the school.” Students agree that having more access to the courtyard during the school day is a very nice and relaxing prospect. Students would have a refreshing break from the cafeteria, and get to be connect more with others around them. It is the very center of our school, and I believe that giving students access to that space at times during the school day will keep them more connected with the school itself. Also, to make the courtyard a more useable green space, a good option would be to install picnic tables there. Installing picnic tables would allow students to bring their lunches outside and enjoy the outdoors. It also encourages students to socialize more with one another while also being able to relax in the sun. Students could also do their homework out there as well if they wanted to since there would be tables set up.

The courtyard should be a more student friendly place during school hours. There are many options that could be taken to make the center of our school a more cohesive and fun place to hang out at.