Waving Goodbye to Dr. Cohen

For over 30 years, Dr. Cohen has been hard at work helping students and being an overall joyful person. If you don’t know her, Dr. Cohen is Mepham’s resident psychologist, and this year we’ll be saying goodbye as she retires. Before working here at Mepham, she worked at Merrick Avenue Middle School, so she’s been around the district for a while.

Dr. Cohen has made many memories here over the years, but upon being asked what she thinks of most fondly, she said she loved going on field trips! She has tagged along on Mr. Graziano’s science trips, such as the ones to the Long Island Aquarium, and always had a blast. She also adored being able to work with Mr. Gómez during the past few years he has been principal. Aside from her memories with people, she also has many memories of our famed school events. Among Dr. Cohen’s many favorites include the Pirate Treasure Awards and the Battle of the Classes.

Working as a psychologist, Dr. Cohen said that there’s no such thing as a normal day! For her, a “normal” day is arriving at school around 7 and (hopefully!) getting out around 3. Her answer included, “What happens in between is anybody’s guess on any given day! The more I plan, the more it doesn’t happen.” Despite that, she thinks she has a wonderful job. All the students she works with are the highlight of her job and she just loves high school students. She gets to work with such amazing people in the faculty and staff and finds herself very lucky to be working here. Outside of her job, Dr. Cohen enjoys swimming and hanging around with dogs. She also likes to read and reads a lot! She’s currently reading A Discovery of Witches that is also running as a TV show.

Dr. Cohen doesn’t only work here at Mepham…she is also a college professor! She works at SUNY Farmingdale, as well as teaches psychology at Nassau Community College. After retiring, she plans on continuing her work as a college professor and working at the dog rescue. Whatever else she may do is yet to be seen. On behalf of The Buccaneer and the students of Mepham High School, I’d like to thank Dr. Cohen for her guidance and support, and wish her good luck on her retirement!

Photo courtesy of yearbook.