Vaping is Not Safer Than Smoking

James Bickom, Staff Writer

In 2007, the e-cigarette was introduced in the United States. But little did we know that this product to help people quit would end up getting thousands more addicted and leave hundreds more sick in under fifteen years.
The big companies launched ad campaigns saying that it is safer than smoking. But they never had actual facts. The biggest ingredient is nicotine. As we all know by now, nicotine is an addictive chemical. According to it states that nicotine is “the addictive ingredient found in e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes. Nicotine stimulates the central nervous system and raises blood pressure, respiration and heart rate. When nicotine enters the brain, it releases a feeling of pleasure as dopamine levels increase.” The liquid nicotine solution also often contains lead, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and many other harmful substances.
Now today there are over 35 vaping deaths in the United States alone, but one has to keep in mind that this started only in August. Right now there are over 2,000 people in the world with an e-cigarette related illness. This disease that they are all sick with was never seen before, and there are several doctors fighting for rights just to name it. Also, on October 1st the United Kingdom reported its first death. The day before Nebraska reported its first death.
No one knows what else can happen to someone who uses vapor products. There can be other diseases; the dangers are still unknown. But now it has been proven that vaping is deadly. The disease has no cure, much less a name, or a list of all the symptoms.
But this has spurred a flavor ban that is starting in New York. In fact, Washington and Michigan have already banned the flavors for vaping liquids.
Even Juul, one of the biggest e-cigarette companies, has stopped advertising in the United States after the large death toll from its products. Juul had been using an ad campaign that states how their products are not for kids. It is an alternative to smoking for people who have already been smoking for a while. The CEO, Kevin Burns, has stepped down. He will be replaced by K.C Crosthwaite.
The CDC is now comparing this disease to the effects of mustard gas. They say that a lot of the symptoms are either similar or the same. For those of you that do not know, mustard gas was used in the first world war. This was a dangerous weapon because it would blind people slowly kill their organs. Even though they had gas masks it would seep through the mask. This weapon was so terrible that they did not use it in World War II.
Vaping has mysterious diseases that scientists are fighting to understand and name, yet the disease seems similar to the effects of mustard gas. Do you still think vaping is safer than smoking? If after reading this article you decide that you want to quit vaping, you should visit the Wellness Center. After all, quitting smoking and vaping products cold turkey and on your own is one of the most difficult things someone could do, but there are plenty of resources to help.