Mr. Leacock Retires

Amanda Grossman, Staff Writer

This year, science teacher Mr. Leacock is retiring so let’s look back on his career here at Mepham.

Mr. Leacock is a physics teacher who has taught at Mepham for 30 years. He teaches various physics classes: AP Physics 1 and 2, Independent study Calculus Physics C and Regents Physics A. While there are many things to love about working at Mepham, his favorite is the community we have. He loves seeing the look of satisfaction on a student’s face when they grasp a difficult subject.

The best part about teaching physics for him is doing demonstrations. He finds doing all of them very fun. He said, “Sometimes physics demonstrations look like magic, and I love having the opportunity to pull back the curtain and help students understand why what they just saw happened.” Mr. Leacock decided to become a teacher after being an engineer working in the industry. He decided he wanted something different, and since his mom used to be a teacher at Lakeside Elementary, teaching was always in the back of his mind. He always enjoyed physics and was told he was very good at it, so he decided to take some classes at Hofstra. He loved these classes and decided to make the career switch. It is a good thing he made this switch, because otherwise Mepham would’ve never gained such an amazing teacher.

Going from working at Mepham for 30 years to retirement is no easy change. What he will miss most about working at Mepham is all the people. Mr.Leacock said, “The faculty at Mepham is outstanding, not just as educators but as people… what a talented, caring group of people.” He will definitely miss all the faculty and seeing the students. He also said he will miss seeing the students grow, both as scientists and as people. While he loves working at Mepham, it is time for his retirement. Mr. Leacock plans on spending his retirement fixing up his 170 year old home. When asked about what his retirement plans are, he said, “I love doing woodwork and have a wood shop in my basement that I will put to good use. I enjoy bicycling and would like to do a century ride. I play saxophone in two musical groups and look forward to doing more of that. I have two Harley Davidson motorcycles and love to take the touring bike to visit the National Parks. I have been an officer in the Long Island Physics Teachers Association as well as the Science Teacher Association of New York State and will continue being a part of those organizations. And of course, once this virus is more under control I look forward to doing some traveling with my wife.”

One final statement Mr.Leacock would like to leave is, “It is funny how things work out. My parents were introduced by Audrey Mepham, the daughter of Wellington C. Mepham, and my mother had taught in one of the elementary districts that feeds our own. Making the decision to become a physics teacher was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I was very fortunate to end up in such an excellent district. There are way too many people for me to thank along the way to list them all, so I just want to say, Thank You for a wonderful 30 years, Mepham High School!” Thank you, Mr.Leacock, for your time spent teaching at Mepham. While the school will miss you next year, we hope you enjoy retirement.