Reopen or stay closed: The trillion dollar question

Rocco Law, Staff Writer

The world is in a state of crisis. Millions are infected with the deadly coronavirus disease that spans from Japan all the way to California. The global pandemic has saddled daily life and forced billions to stay at home for the past two months. With mandated stay at home orders across the globe, the economy has suffered greatly for it. As of May 15th, CNBC reports the US unemployment rate at 36.5 million. 14.7% are numbers we have not seen since the Great Depression era. Sports have been one industry hit hard during this pandemic alike the airline, retail, and restaurant sectors. A recent ESPN analysis surveys $12 billion will be lost and hundreds of thousands of jobs will vanish due to the pandemics effects. In the $100 billion sports industry no one is safe, and there is but little hope for normalcy.

34 plus states as of May 18th have now reopened. But for the sports industry the encouraging signs are all but dulled. The NBA, MLB, NHL, and other pro sports leagues want to return and play during mid summer by estimates. However, some argue that athletes are not essential and should not return to play at all until the start of 2021. Others say going out to play their respective sports puts them more at risk of death than ever before. Lastly, it is becoming a numbers game for everyone. Athletes are clashing with owners on salaries, revenue streams, and their bargaining agreements. In a time of uncertainty, athletes are doing the most they can to secure theirs. The athletes’ continuous clash over their share of the pie is just another example of an unwise greed and unmoral value in today’s world.

Sports contribute billions into the world’s economy, yet are a barren wasteland in May of 2020. As summer nears, cases are appearing to drop, while infections and spread are also on the decline. Yet, officials are ever so hesitant to unrestrict policy due to the little known knowledge of this deadly virus. But enough is enough. Expecting for a miracle cure in this day and age is immature, and holding back the working American from providing for their family and contributing to society is mind blowing. Give the people a choice. If you want to stay home, stay home. If you want to go out, go out. If you want to reopen your business, great. If you don’t then don’t. Life must go on. It becomes sickening having our own institutions have such a large divide everywhere you go in this crisis. Everyone needs to put the feuds aside and work for the greater good. Because, it is assuring if we don’t try to ease back in any way possible, there will be nothing for people once the new year arrives. And there will be no way to dig out the hole that is being dug for us. Holding back the hand that feeds you is an ultimate demise waiting to happen.