Student Athletes Say Goodbye

Kenneth Franquiz, Staff Writer

With the new occurance of the Corona Virus also known as Covid-19, life has come to a halt. Affecting some more than others, Covid-19 has affected the lives of millions. Senior athletes specifically have lost what could have been their last year of playing the sport they love.

Seniors all over the country have had the remainder of their senior year cut short. Those who are involved in athletics have lost the opportunity to play with their friends and classmates. Senior Brenden Keane who lost his last year of baseball had something to say about the situation. “This isn’t the way I ever imagined my last season of highschool sports ending, I have been playing with some of the kids on this team since I was as young as 6, and to have it all taken away in the blink of an eye is devastating.” The varsity baseball team had an outstanding team coming back from the year before and were excited to see what they could have done with the returning seniors.

Baseball is not the only sport that was canceled, lacrosse, softball, tennis, golf, badminton and so much more. All athletes are feeling the same kind of pain. Some are more fortunate to be able to play a college sport, but for those who are not as fortunate they never got to play their last season. Senior Stefanie Simone said, “If I would have known that last year was my last time playing with my best friends that I have made playing softball, it would have completely changed my approach. I would have played harder than I ever have before.” Last year the varsity softball team won the county championship and lost a close game in the Long Island Championship. This year they were coming back strong, ready to defend their title and go one step further in winning the Long Island Championship.

All senior athletes around the world are feeling the pain similar to the athletes above. With sports taken away, all students are extremely upset and wish they had the chance to play in the Mepham uniform just one more time.