Streaming Wars: Can Netflix Survive?

Melanie Senra, Staff Writer

As most people know streaming is becoming the new normal. This started all the way back in the 2000s with Netflix, who has mostly been the trailblazer in this new market. Netflix was appealing because for some people it was worth it compared to cable and also it had an extremely impressive library with shows like “The Office,” “Friends,” and some award-winning Netflix originals, not to mention how many movies Netflix had. Soon other companies started to realize the profit on a streaming website including Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and others. But with these other streaming platforms entering the game, will this destroy Netflix?

With Netflix’s impressive history and being the most subscribed to streaming platform, many would think they have nothing to worry about. Now if you look closer at shows that I’ve mentioned before, “Friends” and “The Office” were recently taken away along with others. Where did these shows go? To their own streaming sites like HBO. Same can go for all the Disney movies and shows; they all left to Disney+. But what about the Netflix originals? Surely these award-winning shows can keep them afloat. And the answer is Yes, for the time being. The only problem with this is that Netflix’s only source of income is their streaming website; it’s their only business. Disney’s company (Disney+) and many other companies that are joining the streaming game have a lot of income, so they could take a financial hit if one of their shows or movies does not do well. But let’s say Netflix’s popular streak declines. It would have no other source of income, so not being on top could be detrimental.

Netflix is going to be an interesting company to watch after this whole streaming war is over. I mean with many other streaming websites opening up, this could be risky for Netflix. Netflix has to be on top of its game. Can it survive in the long-run? Let’s wait and see.