Binge Watching “Criminal Minds”

Kiara Hesse, Staff Writer

The rapid increase in coronavirus cases last year led to people needing to be quarantined in their homes. During the coronavirus pandemic quarantine, there was a lot of free time to do anything that can be done inside one’s home. My free time was spent watching shows on Netflix. Some shows I enjoyed watching during quarantine were “Criminal Minds,” “Outer Banks,” “Shameless,” “Orange is the New Black,” “Dead to Me,” and “In the Dark.” My favorite show was “Criminal Minds” because it was very interesting and the show has many seasons that I could watch.
“Criminal Minds” is a show about a group of people who work for the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) at the FBI. They work together to catch psychopathic killers and criminals all over the world. They use their profiling skills to anticipate their unsub’s next move. An “unsub” is the person they are trying to catch, also standing for unknown subject. The unsubs can range from teenage girls and boys all the way to older men and women in their 70-80s.
The team of FBI agents helps save the lives of many people every time they finish a case. The agents all play very important roles in the process of catching their unsub. However, the roles of some profilers have changed throughout the show, and there are also many new people joining and old people leaving the BAU at the FBI. “Criminal Minds” can be a very suspenseful show and make you want to watch more.
“Criminal Minds” has many episodes and stories with a lot of unexpected turns of events and surprises along the way. I would definitely recommend that people watch this show if they are looking for a good show to watch on Netflix.