No Midterms?

Amanda Grossman, Sports Editor

We have officially made it to the middle of the 2020-2021 school year. You know what that means, midterms! Not this year though. Usually, students would get to only come into the building for their tests during midterm week, like finals week. But this year, midterms are given in class, and we get another week of classes. 


According to Mr.Gomez, mid term week is usually scheduled around the same time as the administration of January Regents exams. Since the state cancelled January Regents, the district did not cancel classes that week.  Hopefully, June regents will occur so students can finish the school year like normal. 


Midterm week is typically a nice break where you only come in for your test. While yes, you have to study and take the test, the reward of a free day after the test makes it so much better than normal school. We all deserved the week and break, but it didn’t take place. Now we get another full week of school and the stress of taking exams during class. And a lot of students feel this way.


11th grader Anthony Scotto said, “Without midterm week, this school year definitely feels different. It’s weird not having the week off to study for and take all our exams.” 


Although midterms are stressful for students, midterm week is a nice break from classes. Hopefully, midterm week returns next year.