New School Year, New Chromebooks

Amanda Grossman, Opinon Editor

With the start of the new school year comes a lot of new things; new friends, new teachers, and a new grade. But another new thing for the 2021-2022 school year is the distribution of school Chromebooks to all students. While freshmen and sophomores have received them, juniors and seniors are awaiting their turn. 

After spending the second half of the 2019-2020 school year online, many teachers have changed their classwork to being online. While some teachers still give out hard copies, many still use a majority of online work. This is an issue when the wifi isn’t working on your phone. So now we have Chromebooks. These will give all students access to a device that will work better on school wifi. But they aren’t all positive. Students will have to remember to carry their Chromebook to all classes, and doing work on paper may become a thing of the past. But what do the students think about getting these new devices?

As a senior, I am not looking forward to receiving my Chromebook. We have gone our entire way through high school without them, so why should we change it now when we graduate in seven months? Also, since we are the last grade to receive them, no one knows when we will actually get them. I personally prefer to hand write and have a physical copy of work, which teachers may stop providing once we all have devices. I know I am not the only student–and senior–that feels that way. But what do the underclassmen think? 

Sophomore Ethan Grossman said, “I hate them. I feel like they are pointless because no one wants them and there are too many rules with them, such as they need to be charged every night and must be in the case. So many people don’t have them yet so we can’t even use them in class. I just think they are pointless.” This is one of the difficulties in distributing the Chromebooks. If your parents didn’t fill out the form, you will be delayed from getting one. While there is a period of everyone getting the Chromebooks, I would assume teachers start to use them more once everyone has one.

On the other side of the issue, Sophomore Emma Alfaro said, “It’s been easier because I don’t have to waste my phone battery anymore.” We’ve heard from the students, so what do the teachers think?

Social studies teacher Mrs. Watt said, “I have been enjoying having the Chromebooks in class. I don’t use them daily, but I use them 1-2 times a week. I am hoping to incorporate them more in the future. I have found it helpful for students to work on documents, collaborate on assignments, do test review, and take a multiple choice test/quiz. I have used it for a virtual field trip. The students seem to like them. They said it was much easier than typing or reading on their phones. I like the touch screen for having them draw, too.  My students also said it was easier for them to get their homework completed on off periods. I have also found it so helpful at extra-help when students need assistance. It is easier for me to help them while reading off their Chromebook as opposed to the small phone screens with cracks in them.”

Another social studies teacher, Mr. Patten, said, “It’s an absolute game changer. Students last year were able to run their entire class from their phones. Now the Chromebooks are allowing the students of Mepham to plan out tabs for their class and engage in their lessons and with their peers like never before. These new devices are going to enhance the quality of education that students receive in Bellmore-Merrick.”

As you can see, there are many different opinions on the additions of Chromebooks to our school. With any new change, there is an adjustment period. Hopefully, we all adapt to them and learn to love them.