Students Speak

Kim Nadler , Staff Writer

In the 30s and 40s, there was a section of the school newspaper where students were asked an opinion question. I have taken that idea and used one of those old questions for the new part of “The Buccaneer,” Students Speak. This question was asked of the Mepham students in 1946 and again in 2021.


Where would you like to be right now?


2021 answers:

Rose Opas: My room.

Jonathan Marfisi: Hawaii.

Matthew Keegan: My home.

Jacob Sarduy: On a cruise in the middle of the ocean.

Joshua Ostroff: My house.

Basilia Mekhaiel: On a beach.

Tyler Mora: Tokyo.

Christiana Foufas: The Peloponnese in Greece.
Ava Cederroth: Disney World or a nice restaurant with food that comes in five seconds.

Andrew Constantino: Florence, Italy.

Ethan Diaz: Paris.

Noah Geyer: An all you can eat buffet.

Anthony Karagianes: Hiking on a mountain in Iceland on a brisk fall morning.

Matt Yang: Right in Bellmore.

Lauren Duany: Tokyo. 


A few 1946 answers:


Booker T. Gibson: Anywhere but here.

Edith Quagliano: Lying under the California sun.

John Almberg: Out west again.