Students Speak

Kimberly Nadler , Staff Writer

This edition’s question was asked to the upperclassmen in 1945 and again to the seniors in 2022. 


What do you think of the freshmen?

Anonymous senior: They’re pretty chill. They contribute to the school community nicely.

Mark Thomas: They’re shorter than expected.

Evan Keles: Childlike.

Anonymous senior: I don’t know much about the freshmen, but from what I’ve heard, they’re nice.

Asia Vergatos: There’s a certain group of freshmen that are just irritating.


Answers from 1945: 

Pat Lehan: Freshmen? What are they?

Harold Essig: The freshmen are getting smaller every year.

Bob Erdody: The girls are pretty — while the boys are swell football prospects!

Dave Erb: Shrimps!

Tom Kelly: I think ………… I know there are too many of them.

Mary Reimer: I got a cute one lined up, but I have to find out his name.


The following question was asked of the freshmen in 2022 as a response to the previous question:


What do you think of the seniors?

Daniela Samaniego: They’re pretty cool and chill.

Aviel Roumer: Ivan is the best senior out there.

Ty Chang: They’re just there.

Rose Opas: They’re pretty chill.

Hannah Rubino: Freakishly tall.

Monica Kleinman: I agree with Hannah Rubino.

Ava Cederroth: They’re tall and intimidating.