Jazz Band Prepares for Spring Concert

Riley Fried, Staff Writer

Swashbucklers, or Mepham’s jazz band, has begun preparing for the Spring Concert. They meet every Thursday at 2:45 in the Mepham band room in order to rehearse their new lineup of songs. The concert is being held on May 5, although this date is subject to change. 

     The group has increased the difficulty of its music in order to impress viewers at the concert and is “certainly leveling up in our difficulty in music,” says band director Anthony Brandofino. This requires an increase in attendance at practices and students’ utmost attention to the details in their pieces. 

     “I think we’re doing great!” says Alex Neza, who is a senior in Swashbucklers. “I think we have been very productive, making a lot of progress with our work and coming together to make great music and prepare properly for our performance.”