Students Speak

Kim Nadler, Staff Writer

This edition’s question was asked in 1940 and again in 2022. 


How does spring fever affect you? (2022 answers)

Danya Zaidi: I hate spring. It makes me mad. 

Tyler Fordin: It makes me happy since I can go outside more.

Jonathan Marfisi: It makes me happy. 

Gabby Contrera: It feels like waking up from a nap.

Regan Fried: It’s very refreshing to finally have some nice weather.

Christiana Foufas: It gets me excited for summer and spring sports, like track.

Daniela Samaniego: Allergies.

Spencer Solivan: I… don’t know what that is.


Answers from 1940:

Mr. Jaatinen: It rained 12 days; I want to go back to New Hampshire.

Bob Harris: Well — I think Gloria looks prettier.

Jean Rockwell: It’s a feeling I feel when I feel I’m going to have a feeling I never felt before.

Elsie Schlichter: Hasn’t affected me; I’ve had it all winter.

Walter Kast: Dresses are shorter, school hours longer, and oh, the longing in the heart of every male.

Mr. Weaver: It makes me lie on the green grass and look up at the wispy clouds and wish I were a Zephyr. (Henry Cook: That’s the kind of a zephyr that “hit” New England.)

Martin Gick: It makes me want to sing like the robins. I want to organize a locker room quartet.