Victoria Gibney, Salutatorian

Becoming salutatorian is an amazing achievement that takes a lot of hard work and effort to obtain. I was able to interview this year’s salutatorian, Justin Dioguardi, about his journey. He answered a few questions about his accomplishment and about advice for other students.

Was this a goal for you?

“It started to become more of a goal of mine after watching my sister become the valedictorian two years prior. I knew that I had wanted to graduate at the top of my class and always kept that in mind when learning concepts in class and studying for exams.”

What was your journey like achieving this? Did you have a favorite part of this journey?

“To achieve this goal, there were times where I needed to sacrifice along the way. Having this long term goal in mind allowed me to stay focused and driven. While taking difficult classes can be stressful at times, it’s a great feeling now watching my hard work pay off. This time of year is always rewarding, as my friends and I are able to debrief after a long year of hard work.”

What advice would you give to underclassmen?

“I would advise underclassmen to join extracurricular activities and enjoy their high school years. While obtaining and maintaining good grades is an important component in getting into your preferred college, it is crucial to realize that your grades do not define you and that everyone has different skill sets.”

Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

“I see myself working with a startup company to learn the fundamental entrepreneurial skills that I can later apply to a startup venture of my own. My ultimate goal is to enter the business world with a group of hard working peers who are motivated to work together to establish and elevate our product.”

Congratulations, Justin, on this honorable achievement. Best of luck in the future!