The return to a normal school year

Jennifer Venneri, Staff Writer

Over the past two years, due to the Covid outbreak, many students and teachers know what it was like to attend school virtually through Google Meets. Now that Covid has slowed down, we have been able to get back to a normal school year.

Since we are able to attend in-person classes, many pre-Covid events such as students and teachers being able to get back in the regular classrooms, the mask mandates being lifted, teachers giving more homework, clubs being back to normal, no more barriers being set up in classrooms and in the lunchroom separating kids at their desks, and finally regular school events taking place including bake sales, school plays, Mr. Mepham, and Battle of the Classes.

The return to a normal in person school year is being able to come back to school without having to wear the masks and their not being barriers to separate each of the desks. I like being back in the building because it just feels more like a normal school year. When we were all virtual, we probably all felt like we could just wear our pajamas all day, and it didn’t really feel like a real school year. Even though we still had to get up early for school, we were able to do it from the comfort of our homes. Although it is safer, it’s not as good as being in the regular classroom where it’s more efficient. Also since we weren’t in the classroom, we didn’t get that feeling of normalcy.

Since we had to go virtual during the past two years, it taught us a lot about how to use the computers for online learning. Hopefully this never happens again; however, if it does we at least all have the skills to be able to do it again.