She Kills Monsters review

Skyla Collins, Staff Writer

On November 18, Mepham High School’s Skull and Bones Drama Club performed their winter play, “She Kills Monsters,” written by Qui Nguyen. The play was also staged on November 19 at 7pm. Ticket costs included $5 online, or $10 at the door. “She Kills Monsters” follows teen girl Agnes Evans, played by senior Sydney Florio, grappling through her deceased sister’s “Dungeons & Dragons” world. The show involved comedy, friendship, and of course, tons of monsters. 

The play is based around the fantasy tabletop game “Dungeons & Dragons.” Tilly Evans, performed by Junior Sinead Pierce with talent, is described as a “geek” and “nerd,” and an adroit “Dungeons & Dragons” player. After her passing, her sister Agnes dives into her world of adventures and demons to help understand her sister’s interests. Here we find ourselves being introduced to Tilly’s “party,” or companions in the game, Lilith (Sammi Rooney), Kaliope (Katie O’Shea), and Orcus (Joseph Prendamano). 

When watching the play, you could not help but admire the spectacular props that were put on display, with regards to the props crew. The end of the play featured a beautifully crafted dragon, which was designed and created by Ms. Kalish and the Mepham Art Club. Skull and Bones also gave their thanks to Ms. Federici’s sculpture class for constructing the featured prop the “Magic Missile.” 

Directors Ms. Christina Dimitriou and Ms. Melanie Sirof are recognized for their effort and hard work in developing this show. When discussing the process of the production, Ms. Sirof describes she was “most excited for the audience to meet and know the characters.” Ms. Sirof revealed that they had brought in a choreographer, Travis Youssef, to teach the cast stage combat, which was skillfully performed during the production. Skull and Bones always brings forward a thrilling performance; now we look forward to their spring musical!