Students Speak

Kimberly Nadler, Layout & Photography Editor

In the 30s and 40s, there was a section of the school newspaper where students were asked an opinion question. Starting last year, I have taken that idea and used the old questions for the new part of “The Buccaneer”, “Students Speak”. This question was asked of the Mepham students in 1944 and again in 2022.


What did you miss most from school this summer? (2022 answers)

Jonathan Bakay: The clubs.

Eamon Andrews: Getting to see my friends consistently.

Arisleiny Clase: Seeing people every day.

Julia Gershonowitz: The social aspect of Mepham.

Kriti Saini: Seeing all of my friends!

Iris Pineda: Having something to do.

Maya Stone: BMB and book supply from Ms. Kalish!

Joseph Mordoff: Seeing my friends.

Ava Cederroth: I missed having a consistent morning routine.

Fiona Zheng: Definitely seeing my friends and just having busywork and stuff to do.

Jonathan Marfisi: The lockers.

Aaron Angel: Friends.

Brianna Mulcan: I missed my sport.


Answers from 1944

R. Desposati: Are you kidding?

R. Randall: Alice.

Charlie Gregory: Girls.

Jeanne Higbie: The kids.

Clary Rydberg: Nuthin’.

Artie Stengel: I missed the fun of going out every afternoon!

Bill Steenson:  Homework (amusing thought!).

Jo Mathsein: Mr. Jones’ English class and laffs.

Joan Smith: I missed all of those wonderful juke box dances in the gym “every week.” (If it were only true!!!)

Charlie Lucas: Girls! (Again??)