Open Mic Night 2019

Eimaan Khan, Staff Writer

Left to right: Nicole Sarrantonio, Mrs. Maresca, Amanda Gundel, and Nicole Ailincai. Photo by: Mrs. Gundel.

The stage has been set and microphones have been checked. Mepham’s literary magazine Fragments is once again hosting its annual Open Mic Night on April 16, 2019. Whether it is a new Mepham pirate or even your own science teacher, the mic is open to anyone with the desire to showcase their talent.

Every year, the innovative and devoted members of the club set a unique theme with remarkable decorations. The projection of the different aptitudes from our school creates a very entertaining and enthusiastic environment, It is most definitely an unforgettable night where everyone has the ability to be themselves and the liberty to display their skills. Many musicians wade into the waters of live performance via Open Mic Night. The audience gets to watch many diverse performers such as musicians, songwriters,singers, poets, and writers, who take turns going up on a stage and playing a short set of songs or reading a few poems. The Open Mic Night event at Mepham gives everyone an equal opportunity to exhibit their skill whether its an amateur or professional. I personally, am always waiting impatiently for Open Mic Night because this event also allows me to present my talent or singing. The appreciation that the performers, including myself, receive is truly pleasurable.

As part of the Fragments Club, I was also able to contribute to the arrangement and organization of the event which was a thrilling experience itself. Poets are able to convey impactful messages by presenting themselves on this platform. Teachers who might be great singing in the shower, can actually sing with a microphone. Overall, this event is undoubtedly an occasion you wouldn’t want to miss. So next time if you see the Open Mic Night posters all around the school, you should definitely grab your friends to experience a night packed with tremendous talent.