A Whole New World For Band

Casey Fahrer and Katie Morgan

The Mepham orchestra and band members ventured down to Orlando where they participated in the 15th Annual Festival Disney Competition. The students and faculty left for Disney on April 11th to enjoy the festivities where they were able to perform and enjoy the Disney parks.

After many months of selling gum, candles and Pampered Chef items for fundraising, the students were ready for takeoff from JFK International Airport. The wind ensemble was able to enjoy the parks with their close friends from class and play their instruments in a special Disney workshop led by a professional saxophone player for a quartet that performs in venues all around Disney. The band learned how to play songs from Disney films like “Imperial March” from Star Wars and “We Know the Way” from Moana. An editor from the workshop was then able to add the sound to real movie clips for the students and chaperones to enjoy. The trip was a great bonding experience since the students were rooming with three other friends and bandmates and spending time together at the parks.

Photos by: Katie Morgan.

According to sax player Sophomore Ethan Hamou, the trip was “a good way for the band as a whole to get to know more about each other.” The band performed their concert music for parents and onlookers at Disney Springs, one of the parks in Florida. The experience was truly magical for everyone who attended and was a perfect swan song for band teacher Mr. Lotze who is unfortunately stepping down from his teaching position next year and relocating to a high school upstate. The memories made and musical skills acquired from the trip will never be forgotten and hopefully there will be more trips like this one in the future.