The Vampire Diaries

Ahsan Hafeez, Staff Writer

The Vampire Diaries came out at a time when the era of vampires was new in shows like Twilight or True Blood, but the idea of this is that many things have gone into this show from the long audition process to its 171 episode remark. The show is based off of the books of L.J Smith revolving around a girl named Elena (Nina Dobrev) and two 160 year old vampire brothers, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerholder), their revolving love triangle, and many love triangles produced around all of the case.
In addition, there have been many storylines added onto the show, from dopplegangers, hybrids, witches, and romance. There have been spooky feelings around the show during the first few episodes. In the season’s first few episodes titled “Lost Girl” and “Haunted” the audience experienced the reality that the show’s producers are not joking around with the viewers, but that they’ve actually done something drastic in the plot of the story. One of the show’s exciting packed episodes of the series made Vicki Donovan (Kayla Ewell) exit. The funniest thing about the series is that the show’s producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec thought The Vampire Diaries’ launch on the CW channel would make it a huge flop; instead it turned out it was the most watched series with 4.91 million live viewers in the channel’s history since it aired in 2006.
This teen fantasy show has made its way into viewers’ hearts with gripping storylines, the show’s shipping of couples (gaining popularity in the series), heartbreak, etc., but even though there have been many exits and entries in the show, people still watched it, even when the show’s lead in 2015 Nina Dobrev made many headlines shocking everyone and outraging many fans of the show that she always dreamt her character’s journey to go only for six seasons, hinting she was always secretly planning to leave in the sixth season’s last episode. If she had stayed on board, the producers had many more storylines; the experiments revolving around her character would’ve made the series continue longer than it already had. Even after her departure, the series still had its fandom.
There are many die-hard fans of The Vampire Diaries, a drama that has had eight seasons, which started off as CW’s most rated show ever since the channel’s launch. Even though the show is not on television anymore, people should still be able to watch it on Netflix or some other web platform.