A Night on Broadway

Artina Krkuti, Staff Writer and Layout Editor

Imagine sitting in a seat on Broadway watching a mash-up of different musicals. Well, imagine that, but with the amazing talent of Mepham’s Skull and Bones drama club. Skull and Bones’ A Night on Broadway is a combination of numbers from many different musicals and movies are sung whether it’s a solo, duet or the entire company. Personally, it is one of my favorite productions. This years’ songs were my favorite including performances from Mamma Mia!, Be More Chill, Dear Evan Hansen, and many more.
This year, our hosts were sophomore, Anthony Karagianes and senior, Angel Toro. The hosts did a wonderful job of keeping the crowd engaged in between each song, whether they were making puns with the song titles or even singing themselves. They performed “Anything You Can Do” from ​Annie Get Your Gun, which was entertaining. Throughout the night, the crowd was amused from the music to the hosts and that created a welcoming environment.
Speaking of the music, let’s just take a second to appreciate Mepham’s AMAZING group of artists because everyone who performed has immense talent. One of my favorite performances from the night was “Dark Lady” from ​The Cher Show, performed by Spencer Astrow & Tyler Weinstein with Kayleigh Carlin. The overall execution of the song was great; it truly was an outstanding performance. “Freak Flag” from ​Shrek: The Musical performed by the company was beautifully done. It was another one of my favorites from the night. The choreography, the outfits, the singers, was just overall spectacular.
The students, however, are the ones who made the show what it is. Director and student August Bresnaider has also done an outstanding job of working with everyone and putting the show together. Everyone has put hours of effort into perfecting their performances and the set-list. It was shown that night that everybody worked extremely hard. Senior Bailey Peckman says that, “The talent among these students is absolutely amazing. These hardworking beings have devoted their time outside of school working on an incredible show that had the chance to display each and every person’s abilities to shine on stage.” I think the show overall proved this. It truly was an amazing show, so congrats to everyone in Skull and Bones on an impressive performance and all the hard work!