How Do You Do It All?

Courtney Blom, Staff Writer

After the conclusion of regents and midterm week, many students probably realized that their study skills were the key to their success. Although some people may decide to fly by the seat of their pants and wing it, study habits are a factor that help determine how well one performs on big examinations.

All the students at Mepham High School have different study skills that work for them. There are many different options that students can take that will help them feel more confident when sitting down to take an important test. Some students may decide to take the technology route while studying. They can use quizlet to quiz themselves, or play other review games. Others may listen to music to help them get into the zone and be able to concentrate better. Many people have different opinions on amounts of phone usage for school, but phones can allow students to study and be able to access their notes and information anywhere at any time. They can be beneficial for enhanced learning if they are used responsibly. Another study habit that can be utilized is taking the opposite route from what I mentioned previously – disconnecting from technology. Some people prefer to write their notes out and draw pictures to enhance their understanding of topics. Highlighting also helps dissect information in a beneficial way. Another way to study is by repeating information out loud. This method may appeal to auditory learners, like myself, who can listen to content and then repeat it outloud to themselves. There are various methods of studying that work for each individual student. Maybe some might like a combination of these ideas, or maybe they prefer outside of the box ideas that are not listed. Everyone has their preferences of what study habits work for them and help them achieve their best grades and do their best on significant exams.

Although study habits are helpful in doing well during test weeks at Mepham, there is a downside when having a week full of last minute, crammed, and hard-core studying. People can experience stress from the pressure to do well and succeed. However, there are ways to combat these stressful situations. One way is to get a full night’s sleep. Everyone has been in that situation where they’re up until 3am studying and trying to get work done, but sometimes the way to be at your best the next day is to get a good night’s sleep. This way you will have energy for the next day and won’t feel as tired in the morning. Another way to deal with stress is to do meditation and breathing exercises. This method I feel really helps, and it gets the person doing these exercises to calm down and just focus on their breaths. Lastly, another tip when experiencing a lot of pressure is to take a break and have a distraction. Sometimes walking away from the paper, dropping the pencil, and just taking a brief break helps to clear the mind.

Even though midterms, regents, and final exams are an inevitable part of high school, there are many different ways to study and deal with the stress that comes with it. These methods can help make important exams less intimidating and more manageable.