Fealing Good About BOTC

Artina Krkuti, Staff Writer and Layout Editor

Battle of the Classes, the event everyone waits for. This year, it was on November 20th and the sophomore class really put their all into it. Throughout the week, the seniors and sophomores were head to head in t-shirt sales and Penny Wars, with the seniors coming out on top. It was an intense fight between these two classes, but the class of 2020 was able to push through and win it all.
With events like the Pirate Relay, the volleyball game and tug of war, every student, whether in the audience or in the game, was entertained throughout the events. Every year, it is predicted that the seniors will win, except this year: the class of 2020 set a new record of 600 points. How awesome is that? The overwhelming amount of school spirit as well made every class feel part of the event. The seniors cheering for the freshmen was also a weird turn of events, but it helped everyone see how our school is a team and that we have school spirit.
This year, the seniors worked towards raising money for the Feal Good Foundation. The Feal Good Foundations helps 9/11 responders and first responders to pay for healthcare and other necessities to help cope with the trauma. They also were trying to combat the US Government for all the problems they caused victims and responders, and they were able to help pass 13 pieces of legislation and donated over $6 million dollars. John Feal, the founder of this inspiring foundation, gathered a large group of responders to come speak with our seniors to tell them how they can help out. We ended up raising over $8,000 for the Feal Good Foundation and boy did that feal good (haha, no pun intended, okay not really).
Overall, it was an amazing opportunity for us to help others who are in need. It ended up being an amazing night full of fun, screaming, and cheering for every class but more specifically the seniors. Amazing job to the seniors for helping raise the money and for earning 600 points!