Human Lockdown = Environmental Freedom

Julia Collins, Staff Writer

Covid-19 has tragically impacted our world in many ways but the environment and wildlife are actually benefiting from the quarantine. Despite the tragedy and toll on human lives, the pandemic provided the environment with a greatly needed refresh.

According to, air quality in America has been improving. Due to less air and road travel, carbon dioxide has been released at much lower levels. It is even predicted that this pandemic may result in the greatest drop in CO2 emissions in recorded history.

The United States is not the only country environmentally thriving from the Coronavirus. Italy has had some major breakthroughs as well. reveals that the Venice canals have crystal clear water for the first time in 60 years. The water has been dirty and murky for ages due to Venice’s only form of transportation: gondolas. The Venice canals haven’t hosted fish and other wildlife in over half a century, until now. Dolphins are even arriving! Since the boats haven’t been transporting people, the fish can finally swim freely. The Venice canals are facing an environmental miracle.

Endangered species around the world are finally free due to travel restrictions and quarantine. Budget Travel boasts how leatherback turtles in Thailand, sharks in Indonesia and bees in England are all flourishing during the pandemic. In Thailand, leatherback turtles were identified as a protected species in 1992 and were elevated to critical condition in 2019. Due to quarantine, these turtles have laid the largest number of eggs than they have in the past 20 years. Moreover, due to the dramatic decline in the shark fishing industry in Indonesia, endangered sharks are prospering. Additionally, bees have been an at-risk species, from being vulnerable to critically endangered. Since people are staying indoors and not mowing their lawns in England, there has been an increase in wildflower growth. With more wildflowers blooming, bees have more opportunities to pollinate.

This pandemic can be compared to the yin-yang symbol. With all of the fear and darkness in the world, there is still room for light and renewal.