Varsity Girls Lacrosse Makes History

Amanda Grossman, Opinion Editor

The Girls Varsity Lacrosse team are conference champions. The team, led by coaches Kristen Mogavero and Brianna Rubenstein, clinched first in conference with a 17-7 win against East Meadow, on May 6. The whole team showed great effort in a game with less than optimal weather to win Conference 3 for the first time in school history. With a young team—11 being sophomores and freshmen—the future of the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team looks bright. But now is not the future; now is the time to celebrate the Conference 3 win and continue on with the playoffs. 


The conference winning game was also the team’s senior game, where seniors Mia McElwee, Sara Forchelli, Amanda Grossman, Kaitlyn Smith, Summer Marfani and Elizabeth Reyes were honored. With three of the seniors going on to continuing their lacrosse careers in college, the team had solid leaders on and off the field. Kaitlyn Smith, captain and attacker, will play for Marywood University; Sara Forchelli, attacker, will play for DeSales University and Mia McElwee, mid field, will play for McDaniel College. 


Senior captain Katelyn Smith said, “I am so proud of the team and all we have accomplished. Since the first day of tryouts, I knew we would make it far. Making it to the semi finals and being able to play at Adelphi is something that many teams don’t get to experience. I am so grateful for the best senior year, winning conference, and all we have accomplished. Seeing all we have accomplished as a team inspired me for my future and will give me long lasting memories.” 


Coach Mogovero said, “Coach Rubenstein and I are extremely proud of the work that the team has put in this season. The team comes to practice every day, regardless of weather or other factors, and puts in hard work in order to improve. Their dedication has paid off and everyone who has been a part of the program this year now has their names etched into the Mepham history books!” 


In the playoffs, the team beat MacArthur in the second round, and moved on to play Garden City on Wednesday May 25 at Adelphi in the semi finals. Unfortunately, they fell to a strong competitor, but this season will go down in Mepham history as one for the record books.