Enola Holmes: Netflix Movie Review

Katelyn Pierce, Staff Writer

While being in quarantine and not being able to view upcoming movies in the theaters, Netflix has been releasing their own productions on their platform. A recent movie Netflix has come out with, titled “Enola Holmes,” stars many well known actors and actresses. Millie Bobby Brown who is best known for her role as Eleven in “Stranger Things” was cast as the young girl the movie follows, Enola. Even though Enola has a pretty infamous sibling, she is very much her own person. As a young girl Enola was raised most of her life by her extravagant mother who homeschooled her and made her the self sufficient woman she grew up to be. On the morning of her 16th birthday, Enola has noticed her mother has disappeared after having several strange all female meetings that were kept hidden from Enola. Her mother, played by Helena Bonham Carter from “Alice in Wonderland” as the Queen of Hearts, had left her a seemingly normal gift, but held clues on where to find her. Enola’s mother was a part of the women’s suffrage movement in Britain. Enola being the sister of the well known detective, Sherlock Holmes played by Henry Cavill who is known for his role of Superman in the extended DC universe, goes onto a mission to try and find her, but hits many bumps along the way.

Enola had run away from home to find her mother after finding out her eldest brother, Mycroft played by Sam Calfin who was Finnick in the “Hunger Games” franchise, had custody over her since her mother’s disappearance. Mycroft was set on sending Enola into a disciplinary school for young girls but ran away before she got the chance to go there; she eventually does get sent there. While on the way to London, Enola has to cover her identity as a female to be able to travel by herself. On the train ride she meets a peculiar boy that she found hidden in a duffle bag. The boy had tried to run away from home, and someone is trying to find him, and even possibly try and kill him. Enola and the boy, Tewkesbury played by Louis Partridge, travel alongside each other to London, to help each other. When in London they both go their separate ways to complete their own special missions they left home for. Tewkesbury comes from an extremely wealthy and powerful royal family in Britain whose presence at home is missed. While being in London separated from each other they both encounter very different aspects of the city. Tewkesbury tries to make himself blend into the crowd so he is not found by his mysterious hunter, while Enola is searching everywhere for clues on the whereabouts of her mother. While snooping around she finds an underground group of women fighters to fight for the suffrage movement. At the end of the movie, the plot took a surprisingly violent turn. Enola has a heated battle with the mysterious hunter and Tewkesbury and Enola both walk into an anxiety inducing trap.

The adventurous plot that follows the two young teenagers puts their viewers on the edge of their seats. Enola takes after her brothers in solving uncanny mysteries. Tewkesbury’s family and their own issues were revealed and was almost as shocking as the underground group of women fighters Enola’s mother had created. Enola had shown throughout the movie that she was an extremely determined and independent young woman who was turning out to be like her mother.