ANOB Adapts From Stage to Screen

Eimaan Khan, Staff Writer

A Night on Broadway began many years ago in the Mepham community and is usually prepared during the summer and performed late September. ANoB is an annual show for charity put on at Mepham where some of our very talented members of the Skull and Bones drama club get a chance to showcase their talents through any song they’d like.
Every Skull and Bones member gets his or her moment to shine in the annual fundraiser revue. Students select their favorite monologues, scenes, and songs from Broadway shows and work solo, in duet, in trio, or in groups to bring their appreciation of these pieces to you. However, due to our current situation, this performance was moved from the beautiful Mepham auditorium to our virtual YouTube platform with the help of Bellmore America Broadcasting Program, acting as a fundraiser for the club. After last year’s cancelation of “Footloose,” Skull and Bones Drama Club suffered financially. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Skull and Bones’ future productions grow all the more possible. Though we are still in the COVID-19 pandemic, the show must go on. Students performing in A Night on Broadway filmed performances in the Bellmore Merrick Broadcasting studios after the Thanksgiving break.
Due to the cancellation of last year’s musical, “Footloose,” Skull and Bones was financially depleted. As newly elected-president, Tyler Weinstein brought up the difficult decision in discussion with his fellow board members about holding the show not for a specific charity for the 2020-2021 school year, but rather to dedicate the show to the club because of the financial impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.
In preparation, the Thespian board met over the summer via zoom to discuss the different situations we may encounter within performing our annual show. Usually, there’s a total of three group numbers in each show, but because of COVID restrictions in regard to district policy and Governor Cuomo’s orders, they felt it was safest to cancel in-person rehearsal for group numbers. Already, we were faced with difficulties and challenges that had to be faced, but I was confident in my fellow board members. Students began to practice individual numbers, and the board discussed a plan of action. As a performer in past ANOB’s, I was comfortable performing a solo, but I knew it was going to be different.
With our advisor, Mr. Grosskreuz’s sudden and urgent departure, the Thespian board was left with more pressure and difficulty in putting on the show. I reached out to the broadcasting teacher, Mr. Stein, in hopes for BMB’s help in recording and publishing this year’s A Night on Broadway—he was eager to help!
We began to film a few numbers and performances at a time in small sessions, which eventually allowed us to complete the filming process. Without Mr. Grosskreuz, I had to make sure we had a poster and correct publicity to promote, along with making sure our donations were set-up.
On December 23rd, 2020, we published our show through the BMB YouTube channel. Thankfully, we received a few donations, and the video hit over 400 views. I knew from that moment Mr. Grosskreuz was proud of the work we were able to do without his help, and I know we made the members of the community proud as well.
Yes, A Night on Broadway may have looked a little different this year, but the members of Skull and Bones persevered per usual to entertain those who support us the most; YOU! Whether the weather, S&B is excited to announce future productions and projects coming soon!