Review of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Final Season

Gabrielle Lopez and Katelyn Pierce, Staff Writers

Spoilers Ahead!
An adaptation of the 1996 sitcom “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” the 2018 Netflix original series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” stars Kieran Shipka as Sabrina Spellman, Ross Lynch as Harvey Kinkle, and Gavin Leatherwood as Nicholas Scratch. The Netflix original recently had its last season broadcasted to the public this past New Year’s Eve and to say the least most viewers were distraught with the way the series ended.
Throughout the whole series, viewers learn that Sabrina is constantly bouncing back and forth between hell and the mortal realm, but eventually it all caught up to her and caused a cosmic catastrophe which a demonic, ancient, evil known as the Eldritch Terrors that Father Blackwood released as revenge to the coven because in a previous season he was banished from the coven. The eight terrors include The Darkness, The Uninvited, The Weird, The Perverse, The Cosmic, The Returned and finally The Void. All have caused chaos not only among the citizens of Greendale, but all of the creatures and souls residing in hell too.
With the first terror being released, which was The Darkness, that manifested themselves into the forms of miners. They brought darkness to the whole town in an attempt to bring fear to the community to bring about the Void. Anyone who came into contact with The Darkness would either be killed by the entity, or be mocked and ridiculed by them in an attempt to bring itself doubt and depression.
Following The Darkness was The Uninvited. The Uninvited brought a distorted, homeless man who knocks on the doors of the chosen victims and attacks them by ripping out their hearts if they don’t welcome him in. Yet, he doesn’t attack his victims if they welcome him into their homes. Eventually The Uninvited is defeated when Sabrina traps him into a dollhouse, by tricking him into a fake marriage with her, which was after he came uninvited to Sabrina’s Aunt Hilda’s wedding.
To go along with the attacks from The Uninvited, one of the more complicated terrors came to Greendale, The Weird. The Weird manifested itself into an octopus-like creature who turned its first victim into a squid by slowly making their body turn to mush and grow more hearts and such. The Weird was a parasite that thrived under their host; Sabrina soon became its host. The Weird’s goal was to assimilate the entire world to become slaves to The Void. The Weird puppeteers their host so they can survive in the mortal realm and help create chaos for The Void.
The fourth terror that comes after The Weird would be The Perverse. This terror has taken the form of a statuette of an imp that Father Blackwood, the former High Priest of the Church of Night, stole from a traveling salesman. With this newfound power, Blackwood uses it to his advantage and warps reality into a reality where he is the Emperor of a dictatorship that replaces Greendale. In this new reality, the witches, specifically the ones in Sabrina’s coven, are targeted which leads to them being executed when caught. However, Sabrina solves this huge issue by reverting the wish of the perverted reality after her and her friends begin to regain memories.
The fifth terror, The Cosmic, was the largest threat of all the terrors. The Cosmic is able to create whole new realms that are the size of the mortal, infernal and celestial realms and send them into each other to crash. Any catastrophe The Cosmic creates is a planet ending event. We saw in the show that Hell and the mortal realm began to collide into each other, which allowed for some mortals to be let into hell, and vice versa.
After the fifth terror is the sixth which was The Returned. The Returned allowed for the dead to walk among the living. Although many would want to see a passed loved one walk among us again, those who came back with The Returned had bad and dangerous intentions. The Returned was beaten when Lazarus was killed by Zelda Spellman.
The seventh terror was The Endless. As many people feel their life is a never ending cycle, in The Endless it literally is. The Endless was a never ending routine that would drive anyone to madness. The only way The Endless could be stopped, was by The Void.
The Void was the last and ultimate terror. The Void was an all consuming nothingness that was helped by all the other terrors. While trying to defeat The Void, Sabrina attains the powers of The Void. With her hands she can send people to the Void like it was nothing. In her guilt and fear she lets Father Blackwood take her to a religious spot for him to “help” her overcome this new power, when in reality he was going to try and take her power by sacrificing her. In her last attempts to save the world she opens up the portal to The Void with her blood to get everyone back that she sent there by accident. Although she saved the world, she could not save herself. She kept herself alive just long enough to get everyone back from The Void, but the portal drained her of all her blood. Although her death was necessary for the safety of the planet, her death was mourned greatly by those around her. In a bittersweet ending we see she is united with her one true love in the afterlife. Distraught by the news of his girlfriend’s death, Nick Scratch, Sabrina’s love since season one, drowns himself in the Sea of Sorrows in order to be reunited with Sabrina in The Void.
Fans of the show were devastated with the discovery of Sabrina and Nick’s deaths; they believed that the creators of the show could have easily avoided this and let the couple live happily ever after together. In response to this, show creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa hinted that even though Sabrina and Nick are both “super dead,” it is possible that this won’t be the last we see of Greendale!
Although the last season to this show had a very adventurous and fast paced plot, the ending was a disappointment. Sabrina’s death could have been 100% completely avoided. In the room of Sabrina’s sacrifice there were about 10 witches; at least one of them could have had strong enough powers to keep her alive. And if they couldn’t keep her alive, they should’ve been able to bring her back from the dead, because throughout the show many have been brought back from the dead or from the brink of death. Even with the disappointing ending of this beloved Netflix original series, it will definitely always be a favorite of ours!