The best of BMB

Maya Stone, Staff Writer

As the 2022-2023 school year kicks off, BMB is starting off strong by having its first ever boot camp!  The boot camp was an opportunity to refresh the skills that have been learned in the previous year, as well as train the freshmen for the upcoming year. Some of the different intensive training activities included sports coverage, studio shoots, graphics and so much more.

Along with boot camp, BMB is also fundraising for the Student Television Network (STN) national competition in Long Beach, California, where BMB will compete against other broadcasting programs around the country. Throughout the fall and leading into the winter we will be selling chocolate bars for a dollar each to help raise money for the trip as well as other fundraisers that will be coming soon. 

BMB wouldn’t be BMB without its weekly and monthly shows, so be sure to catch the announcements every Friday morning. Along with the morning announcements, recently the Midweek Update is back with new and returning hosts; it airs every Wednesday to bring you around the Mepham community. Our third and final weekly show is called “This Week at BMB” which gives you an inside look of what is happening in the upcoming weeks. For example, you can find out what is going on the rest of the week such as live coverage and the rest of our BMB shows.

Some of the shows that might not be as well known to the Mepham community are the monthly shows which include “Talking Cookies” and “Sports Talk.” “Talking Cookies” is the show where topics are discussed but with a twist: you get to eat cookies!!!!! This show focuses primarily on the cultural arts, such as drama, music and some of the other clubs around the school.

  If you are a sports fan, you definitely want to check out “Sports Talk.” It is an inside look at some of Mepham’s sports teams. A fan favorite segment on this show is Mic’d Up. It is an inside look to see what actually goes on during a practice.  

BMB has so much going on this fall from its fundraisers to its weekly shows and much more to come. You don’t want to miss it!!