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2023: A timeline

January 1, 2023: Ukraine commences the new year amid a drone assault, marking the second year of the ongoing war against Russia. Russia initiates the attack with a swarm of 45 drones, following a missile barrage. The next day sees Ukraine launching its most lethal known assault in months on a Russian base.

January 2: In the NFL, Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin experiences cardiac arrest, requiring on-field CPR after a hard hit during a live game against Cincinnati. The game is abruptly suspended.

January 7: California deals with widespread flooding, landslides, mudslides, and experiences record-breaking snowfall, creating significant disruptions and hazards across the region.

January 24: 18 dead in California as a result of shootings; flares up gun violence debate.


February 2: China plants a spy balloon over the U.S., capable of collecting video and other information.

February 3: Train derails in East Palestine, Ohio, where 11 tankers catch fire.

February 6: Turkey and Syria experience earthquakes (7.8 magnitude) that kill thousands in the midst of ongoing war. 

February 12: Eagles lost to the Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII, 38-35.


March 10: Significant financial crisis unfolds as Silicon Valley Bank, specializing in serving venture capital and technology startups, collapses following a surge in deposit withdrawals. 

March 17: Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour kicks off, ends up grossing over 1 billion and becoming the biggest tour in history. 

March 30: Donald Trump is indicted, marking the first time a former president faced criminal charges.


April 12: Inflation reaches its lowest level in almost two years.
April 20: SpaceX’s test flight explodes in the sky. 


May 5: COVID-19 pandemic emergency called to an end.

May 6: King Charles III is crowned in the first British coronation in 70 years. 


June 2: U.S. President Joe Biden signs a law that avoids a default, suspending the 31.4 trillion ceiling of debt.

June 7: Wildfire smoke from Canada spreads into the U.S., turning blue skies into dusty yellow post-apocalypse scenes. 

June 13: Golden Knights in Vegas defeat Florida Panthers in NHL to win the Stanley Cup.

June 18: Submarine aimed to go as low as the Titanic carrying five passengers implodes. 


July 13: Actors on strike pause movies and shows in the works, fueling major labor conflict.


August 8: Hawaii’s Maui experiences harsh wildfires that kill over 100 people. 

August 20: Russia’s attempt at landing on the moon ends in catastrophe as it is crashed by the ULuna-25 spacecraft.


September 12: Libya is flooded, thousands die.

September 19: Nagorno-Karabakh within Azerbaijan is dismantled amidst conflict with Armenia. 


October 7: Israel declares war on Hamas following a surprise assault from Hamas.

October 8: Israel declared a state of war for the first time since 1973. 

October 8: Simone Biles becomes most decorated athlete in gymnastics history.

October 25: Maine shooter causes 18 deaths and wounds another 13. 


November 21: Israel and Hamas pause fighting for four days in a deal that frees 50 civilians.


December 5: The NCAA reveals a proposal permitting Division I schools to compensate their athletes.

December 28: Reporter from UN announces that throughout the year, 500 Palestinians have been reported killed by Israeli government in the West Bank, an area where Hamas is not present.

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