Australia in Ashes

Julianna Rosenthal, Staff Writer

In recent months, Australia has been plagued with raging wildfires across the continent. These catastrophic fires have destroyed national parks, habitats of Australia’s unique wildlife, and thousands of homes. Wildfires are not an uncommon occurrence, especially in Australia, where fire season is an annual occurrence, but this year is not any ordinary fire season.
This season, Australia is experiencing a major drought due to the hot temperatures and dry weather. Because of this, the shrubbery hasn’t been receiving enough moisture, which is the biggest cause of most forest fires. Even though forest fires are not rare during the warm months in Australia, fires of this scale are unprecedented. With tens of millions of acres destroyed by the angry flames, this is the most land destruction from a single fire season ever recorded in Australia’s history. Countless numbers of firefighters are working to combat the bushfires, but it simply isn’t enough to stop the flaming monster spreading through the country. Bushfires don’t just happen in the wild. The fires have spread not only to the suburbs, destroying thousands of homes and uprooting families, but also to some of Australia’s major cities. In addition, they have burned away wildlife habitats and killed billions of animals.
These gargantuan flames of destruction have been nothing short of tragedy and disaster for Australia’s citizens and wildlife. As news of these fires spread through the media, they caught the attention of various celebrities and public figures who have decided to use their platforms to gain support and donations to help Australia and its residents. One public figure who made a generous effort to raise money for Australia is Ellen DeGeneres who set up a Gofundme page with a goal of $5 million. If you’d like to donate to her fund and help Australia deal with the devastating fires, you can visit