A Class for Everyone

Fiona Zheng, Staff Writer

Mepham has a variety of courses to choose from ranging from advanced placement (AP Courses), college courses, and electives. BMCHSD offers unique programs at the three different high schools. These include Mepham’s famous Bellmore Merrick Broadcasting (BMB), Kennedy’s Culinary Arts and Hospitality Program (CHAMP), and Calhoun’s Drama Program (On Tour). During middle school, students have the ability to apply for any of these programs. 

Mepham has close to 200 courses to be able to choose from. Oftentimes I hear from my peers that Mepham has no class options to choose from, but if they took a look at the course selection in the catalog they would definitely be able to find something that interests them. According to Mr. Safina, Mepham’s assistant principal, some of the newest course options include Astronomy, Mindfulness, Severe Weather & Meteorology, 21st Century Pathways, and others. There are both full year and half year classes that are offered, but as a result of the lack of enrollment, they are not always able to run. Every student is able to choose a class based on their personal interests. For instance, if someone is interested in being in the criminal justice field, they can choose to take Foundations of Criminal Law, Psychology, or Forensics. 

It is important for students to choose courses that interest them and could give them some insight into potential college majors. High school is a time when adolescents are able to explore their interests and passions freely. Although there isn’t much space for freshmen in their schedule to be able to choose electives, sophomore year they will gain more opportunities. As a sophomore, I was able to take two electives I wanted and as a junior next year, I am able to take three of my top elective choices. If you’re interested in exploring Mepham High School’s diverse course selections, visit their website, which includes a course catalog to help students explore all the different courses Mepham has to offer.