Winter Ball is first dance in years

Saige Johnson & Aryelle Painson, Staff Writers

February 2023 Edition

Mepham is celebrating its 85th anniversary this year. One way the school is honoring this achievement is by hosting its first winter ball, and it was a night to remember.
People paid tribute by buying the tickets to honor the school’s history and legacy. Students, teachers and staff attended this ball to celebrate as well. Many came to enjoy another one of Mepham’s major events.This dance was surely a huge success because over 300 people attended the event. Not only did people come to support Mepham, but also to dance, eat, and have a good time with their friends creating more memories over the years. This was also a first time experience for freshmen to enjoy the ball as well.
When my friend and I arrived, we were greeted with a long line of people giving their tickets to get in. The event was held in the school gymnasium, which was transformed with colorful disco lights and banners. Students and faculty dressed their best to attend in stunning elegant attire with their friends. The DJ played classic songs and some modern favorites which definitely got people up to dance. In addition, snacks like cake pops and water were served. It was nice seeing students come together as a community to celebrate Mepham’s success over the years, especially since Covid made it hard for people to have a good time with all of the restrictions. This was the first time in a while the Mepham community was able to celebrate like a family again. It was fun seeing people that you know and spending time with friends.
Overall, we can all agree it was a magical night of fun. Attendees at the ball can say that it was a huge success and can hope there will be more to come next year.