The World’s Situation in Ukraine

Since February 24, 2022, the entire world has been on edge and in a state of political turmoil from the events happening between Russia and Ukraine. Ever since this terrible day when Russia invaded Ukraine and launched an “unjust and unprovoked attack” on Ukraine according to President Joe Biden, the United States and other NATO allies have been providing aid to Ukraine and imposing economic sanctions on Russia. It still remains unclear whether President Biden will authorize a full scale war and get the United States and other NATO countries involved with Russia because of their horrible actions, or whether the economic sanctions and no-fly zones are going to be the only steps taken.


The conflict in Ukraine has been prevalent ever since Ukraine declared its independence from Russia on August 24, 1991, but the conflict heightened when Ukraine declared an interest in joining NATO, and ever since the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has gradually veered its interest towards the West. Russia was not in favor of Ukraine joining NATO, and consequently starting in October of 2021, started moving Russian troops and military equipment near its border with Ukraine. Russia’s foreign ministry established a set of demands for the United States and NATO to stop all military activity in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, to prevent any further NATO action expansion towards Russia, and to thwart efforts from Ukraine to join NATO in the future. The US and other NATO allies rejected these demands, and warned Russia of the economic consequences they would impose if Russia invaded Ukraine. 


However,on February 24, 2022, the day came when Russia invaded Ukraine and Putin announced a full-scale land, air, and sea invasion. Since the attack, the fighting has caused over 900 civilian deaths and millions of Ukrainian refugees fleeing their homeland. Most refugees are going to Poland, but others are going to Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova as well. The US and other European allies have also issued severe economic sanctions on Russia’s largest banks, oil and gas industry, and technology transports to the country from the US. The United Nations have expressed their full support of Ukraine and are publicly condemning Putin for his actions. The fighting occurring in Ukraine has not yet ceased, and although there are direct negotiations between the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and the Russian government, no formal agreement has been reached. One might raise the question as to what the United States and other NATO allies will do next if Putin keeps pushing his expansion agenda, and what those actions will mean for the United States and the world as a whole. 

  In order to make these alarming world issues seem more manageable to the average person, one can get involved by choosing to help Ukraine in any way possible. Whether that means donating supplies to Ukranian citizens who are currently living in bomb shelters, or boycotting businesses that are supporting Russia, we believe everyone should do their part to help the Ukranian people and nation. Russia attacking Ukraine was a horrible and unnecessary, and Putin’s actions should not be swept under the rug. He must be held accountable, and every person can contribute to this goal through little as well as significant acts.