Courtney Blom, Co-Editor in Chief

My time in the newspaper club during my past four years at Mepham High School has been one of excitement, growth, and contentment. It was exciting starting out as a freshman in the club and seeing the senior leadership team take the initiative and assign articles. I valued their opinions and always spent so much time on my articles, and fun fact, my first article I ever wrote for “The Buccaneer” about homecoming got on the front page! I remember feeling so proud and exhilarated that my article as a freshman made it to the front page of the newspaper, and that feeling has stayed with me through every edition released for “The Buccaneer” my last four years in the club. I feel that newspaper club and becoming an editor my sophomore year taught me valuable life skills, like how to collaborate with others, take on a leadership position, and edit articles for club members. Before Mepham I was never involved with a school newspaper, and these past four years have illustrated to me my love for journalism and acting as an editor. 

I would say my time in the newspaper club has also been filled with so much joy and happiness. I genuinely loved writing articles for each edition of the paper, and the club members that have passed through the doors of Mepham these past four years have made the club extra special and a safe space for writers like me. Beyond just the newspaper club, my time at Mepham in general these past four years has been a great experience. I got involved in so many clubs and activities occurring at the school, I made a multitude of new friends, and I took classes that were very interesting and enjoyable. My freshman orientation leader wasn’t kidding when she said that these four years at Mepham go by in the blink of an eye. 

 I am so grateful that I got to serve as co- editor in chief this year for “The Buccaneer,” and I have always dreamed of fulfilling this position, from when I was a meager freshman just starting out in the club. Thank you to the newspaper club members that have always worked so hard for each and every edition to write articles, edit, and take photos, thank you to Mrs. Castellano for being an amazing club advisor who is so devoted to the club, and a special thanks to the Mepham community for reading and supporting “The Buccaneer.” This is your Co-Editor in Chief, Courtney Blom, signing off.