Part of the Journey is the End

Aliza Kazmi, Co-Editor in Chief

Writing is in my blood. Yet, each time I have tried to begin writing this farewell, words seem to fail me. I am not quite comfortable with endings; still, here we are all closing a chapter of our lives. It has been a long four years, full of both tragedy and joy. I certainly never expected to be living through so many historical events while somehow still juggling the struggles of being a high schooler. The Class of 2022 has come out of the difficulty of the last few years stronger than ever before. We have persevered, adapted, and embraced a new, albeit difficult, world. I am hopeful that things will get better soon, but for now… look at us; we made it! And I don’t know about you, but I am ready to start writing a new story. 

I have loved every minute of my time at “The Buccaneer,” even the moments of absolute frustration and writer’s block. This position as Co-Editor in Chief has been so valuable to me. I learned the basics of journalism in my first year, but then further developed these skills throughout all four years, all the while writing about the topics that I loved–which included superheroes, books, and activism. I am very grateful that “The Buccaneer” gave me room to grow and learn as both a journalist and editor. “The Buccaneer” helped me find my passion and rediscover the exhilaration that comes with writing.

Although Mepham High School has not always been my favorite place–math tests and endless homework will cause existential dread no matter the location–it has always been a familiar place. I did not feel out of place or nervous walking through the beautiful foyer on that warm September morning in 2018. And despite everything that has occurred in the world since then, I am happy to report that that feeling has not changed. Thank you to all of the friends, teachers, and staff who have made me love my years in high school. 

Finally, congratulations to the Class of 2022. I am so proud of us. Insh’Allah, may we all continue writing our stories and learning to be true to ourselves in the future and beyond. 

Signing off, your Co-Editor in Chief, Aliza Kazmi.