Turning Over a Whole Bunch of New Leaves

Typically when we think of the season of new life, we usually think of spring: flowers blooming, snow melting, animals coming out of hibernation. But at Mepham, fall is the season where leaves not only fall from trees but get turned over. With the start of the 2022-2023 school year, there have been so many changes at school. We no longer have to worry about wearing masks and socially distancing ourselves from friends and teachers. Only a few weeks into this new school year, it’s safe for us to say that this is the most normal year all of us have seen at Mepham.

As we begin the school year fresh from summer, we also have some fresh faces running Mepham in new positions. First, former Calhoun assistant principal Mr. DeMartinis has been selected as the new principal of Mepham following Mr. Gomez’s departure. Mr. DeMartinis has a similar administration style to that of Mr. Gomez, so we’ll get used to his reign as Mepham principal fairly easily. Additionally, with the departure of former athletic director/attendance dean Mr. Cracco, the history department’s Dr. Murphy has some big shoes to fill with that position.

We are also excited to announce some new clubs in the works for their Mepham debuts. Mr. Vogel’s Coding Club is a great place to meet other students interested in coding and computers. Junior Fiona Zheng is starting a Paw Patrol Club to help shelter animals find safe homes. Another exciting new offering is the all-new E-Sports team, run by science teacher Mr. Azar. Gamers of all skill levels can play one-on-one or team games against students from across the country.

All the highly anticipated fall festivities are back at Mepham, and the energy couldn’t be better. October 15 was a day full of Mepham Pirate pride, beginning with Pep Rally at 12:30PM, then the annual Pirate Fest, a place to fundraise for the school’s hottest clubs, from 1-3PM, and the day ended with the homecoming football game at 3PM. Mepham’s varsity football team defeated Long Beach, and the cheer and kickline teams, as well as the Pep Band, kept the school spirit alive.

The entire “Buccaneer” staff wishes you luck for the 2022-2023 school year. For our freshmen, feel free to stop by a counselor or the social work team if you feel nervous about high school. For new students, please join extracurricular activities to find people who share your interests. And for our seniors, make your last year of high school one you’ll remember for the rest of your lives.