Class of 2020: A Reflection

Nathan Rosen, Co-Editor in Chief

In the fall of 2016, we, the class of 2020, entered into the halls of Mepham for the first time. Now, as June of 2020 approaches, we are walking through our living rooms for the millionth time. Not the ending any one of us envisioned.

High school graduations and proms are staples of American life, which we, in all likelihood, are going to be missing out on, at least in the traditional capacity.

The coolest thing about graduating in 2020 was supposed to be the uniqueness of that number. Little did we know that it would be in the midst of a global pandemic. But that’s the reality we find ourselves in, graduating high school into a world of many unknowns. That’s the card we’ve been dealt and we have to make the most of it.

Although the circumstances may not be the best and a traditional graduation may not happen, it does not mean all of our achievements don’t count. The class of 2020 has put in 13 years of effort and will continue to strive in whatever they are pursuing this coming fall. The current situation of the world has not only made us better prepared for anything yet to come in our lives, but has also made us stronger as a group and showed us how when everyone can finally come together, problems may be solved and improvements can be achieved.

We encourage our fellow seniors to continue their plans for the fall, and to not let the pandemic inhibit your dreams. Even if everything was normal right now, we would be celebrating the class of 2020 – but the tough and uncertain situation we are living through gives us even more reason to celebrate our completion of not just high school, but our entire primary education.

These circumstances prove how strong the Mepham community is and what our tight knit community is able to do to help each other out when in need. We hope that you never lose the strong connection with service to your community that Mepham has taught you and can carry on these important values especially in such an important time. We thank you Class of 2020 and all Mepham students for an amazing experience and wish everyone the best in the future.