Welcome Back, Pirates!

Picture this: you’re walking into Mepham on the first day of the new 2021-2022 school year. You quickly find your locker – maybe for the first time – and reunite with friends you haven’t seen face to face in months. Walking into the classroom you notice things are different! No plastic barriers, students are sitting in all of their desks, and a teacher smiling (behind a mask) at the front. When returning for the 2021-2022 school year, the Mepham Pirates are moving forward! Times have changed significantly since the end of the school year last year. Even though we still wear masks to stay safe, the world – and Mepham – are slowly starting to return to a state of normalcy. 

Activities at Mepham are back in full swing! To start off the new school year, the students and faculty participated in Pep Rally and Mepham’s homecoming festival: Pirate Fest. Pirate Fest was filled with great food, student-run club booths, and Mepham merch, of course. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation leading up to the homecoming football game. And at the game, the Pirates dominated Glen Cove. The Mepham cheerleaders, kickline team, and the band also boosted the morale at the game, performing and showcasing their talent. Mepham’s Pep Rally was held this year after homecoming due to weather conflicts, but it was nothing short of a great time! 

Mepham sports are well underway this fall, a significant difference from a year ago. Last year at this time, fall sports were prohibited, so they were done in the spring instead. It is great to see the Pirates getting back to the sports we, as the Mepham community, love to watch! 

To all of our incoming underclassmen (and our upperclassmen too!): we understand it can be a little nerve wracking being in a new environment. But take a deep breath. You’ve got nothing to worry about. Our Mepham community is tight knit and even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been here for each other and will continue to do so. We are all prepared to have the best possible school year, full of fun events (like Mr. Mepham or Battle of the Classes), new friends, and exciting classes. You’re guaranteed to have an amazing time and discover how high school really can be one of the best times of your life. 

The entire “Buccaneer” staff wishes you well in this upcoming school year in all your endeavors, and hopes that you will make the most of the year by joining new activities (like the “Buccaneer”!) and participating in school events. Well wishes!