The Vaccine Mandate Debate

Kiara Hesse, Staff Writer

The covid pandemic has brought upon many new measures to ensure the health and safety of the public. Some places have even made the vaccine mandatory if guests want to enter their building. New York City is one of the many places that is strict on proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Employees at certain businesses are required to get the vaccine if they want to continue working at their job. Some workers are conflicted with this requirement because they feel it shouldn’t be necessary. 

  Some people feel that the mandate on vaccines shouldn’t be forced onto them, while others feel that this mandate is a good thing. Places can even require you to show your vaccination card upon entry so only people who are vaccinated can go. NYC states that people 12 and older are required to show proof that they have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine for indoor dining, fitness, entertainment, and certain meeting spaces. 

The COVID-19 vaccine can help prevent you from getting seriously ill if you do get infected, and can protect against other variants such as the Delta variant. Getting vaccinated can help protect yourself as well as those around you, such as people at an increased risk of severe illness from the coronavirus. Although the vaccine may have some rare long-term side effects such as anaphylaxis, and thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) after the J&J/Jansen vaccine, serious side effects are highly unlikely. More common side effects after a COVID-19 vaccination include swelling, redness, and pain at the injection site, fever, headache, tiredness, muscle pain, chills and nausea, but it varies for each person. Even though these side effects have happened to some people, there are still many good reasons to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Public places are urging people to lower the spread of this virus in order to keep everyone safe.