A Night on Broadway

Victoria Gibney and Aliza Kazmi

Lights, camera, Broadway…? Last month, we had the pleasure of seeing Skull and Bones’ production of A Night on Broadway on Friday, October 5, 2018. The show, which commenced at 7:00pm, is a collection of known and loved Broadway songs performed by the club’s members: solo, in groups, and as a whole company. It included hits from Broadway’s hottest shows, Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, Mean Girls, and many more! This show was a charity revenue for the Sophia Valsamos Foundation, a non-profit organization founded at the beginning of this year. Its purpose is to empower young people to take a stand against bullying, find support around challenges, and embrace each other’s differences.

Directed by Paulina Karagianes, the student-run show was whipped up in under a month. We were in awe with how organized the show was when it was produced in such a short amount of time! ANOB was hosted by Angelo Vergatos and Isabelle Gross, who both kept up hilarious banter in between acts. The night would not be the same without them. The performance started with a company rendition of “Come Alive” from last year’s hit movie, The Greatest Showman, choreographed by the wonderful Samantha Pepe (Class of ‘17). We were immediately enthralled with the actors’ voices, drawn towards the show like pirates to a sea siren.

Being Broadway enthusiasts ourselves, ANOB was utterly magnificent for us to watch and enjoy. Leads of last year’s spring musical, In the Heights, Spencer Astrow and Paulina Karagianes, along with others, triumphantly sped up the game with the quick rap, “Guns and Ships” from Hamilton. Quoting Mr. Grosskreuz, the director of Skull and Bones, “The students put all this together; I’m just here to help out… This is all of their own invention I guess, to steal that title. I always like watching this because I like to see them [the students] take the reigns and see what they come up with.” As said before, the show was entirely created by the students, down to the music chosen and outfits worn. This just left us in awe because it shows everyone how creative and talented they really are!

We also had a chance to speak to senior Paulina Karagianes, the director of ANOB. We asked her what one of the best things about working on this show was. She responded with: “As director of this show, it was great to see everybody work so cohesively to put together group numbers, and I was very proud to see what members of the club were able to do on their own while performing numbers they practiced on their own.” She truly helped make it a night to remember!
We loved getting to see the actors come together to kick off their first show of the year. Skull and Bones started off the 2018-2019 season fantastically! Their next production is Up The Down Staircase in mid-November. Break a leg, everyone!